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Kanye West's Yeezy Boost 350s are back. Last week, we reported that a rumored pair of newly-designed Yeezy Boost 350s were believed to be dropping in September. But today, Adidas announced that fans wouldn't have to wait for that long, whilst the next pair of highly-covetable Yeezys will reach shelves (notice on the web raffles and various heartbreaking programs) on August 27th. The rumors said that the brand new pair is a Tigerstripe design using an orange printed stripe across the fur, however Adidas has to unveil photos of the sneaker that will be falling within fourteen months. From our perspective, it could be wonderful to own a new silhouette within the Adidas Yeezy line up, particularly looking at the Yeezy brand has barely put out any clothing since Yeezy Season 1 debuted in October 2015. Point is this: Start your engines, sneakerheads, 'cause it will be another wild week in the excellent world of Pablo.

Now, the mere truth that the Adidas Originals brand has not revealed a real photo of the brand new shoes yet means it's most likely the re designed 350s. Also, the outline silhouette seen in the above tweet seems more reminiscent of the v-2 Yeezys than the OGs that debuted in 2015. To make matters even more interesting, some have noted than on Adidas's Confirmed app (that will be applied to reserve pairs of Yeezys for in store pick-up, albeit mostly unsuccessfully) shows to distinct pairs of Yeezys are set to drop this week, one big, and one small.

So, this could be the week that baby Yeezys, formerly a north-west exclusive, might be hitting the itty-bitty toesies woesies of your regional toddler very soon. If nothing more, it is going to be really interesting to find out what type of prices baby Yeezys fetch on the aftermarket. It's never too soon to show the children the magic of fresh kicks.

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